Category 1:  The City and the University of Vaasa Part 1:  The City Vaasa Part 2:  Die University of Vaasa

D.O.M. and PaNe  (May 2004) The Market Place  (May 2004)The City Centre  (May 2004)Market Place in the Winter  (10.02.2004)Two Seas in Vaasa  (Vaasa 2003)Sunset in Vaasa  (Vaasa 2003)The Seas in the Winter  (Vaasa 2003)Bridge near Vaasa  (December 2003)My Flat in Vaasa  (December 2003) Winter at my Residential Home 02  (Vaasa 2003)Winter at my Residential Home 01  (Vaasa 2003)Ice Hockey Part 02  (Vaasa 2003)Ice Hockey Part 01  (Vaasa 2003)University in the Winter  (10.12.2004) Harbour Area at the University  (22.01.2004)University Libary  (Vaasa 2003)Entrance University in the Winter  (Vaasa 2003) View Tritonia and Tervahovi  (Vaasa 2003)Fabriikki  (Vaasa 2003)Frozen Sea at the University  (Vaasa 2003)View harbour at the University  (Vaasa 2003)University View in the Winter  (Vaasa 2003)Entrance Tervahovi  (Vaasa 2003)Inside Tritonia  (Vaasa 2003)View out of the Libary  (Vaasa 2003)Two party locations in VaasaThere was still construction workNear the market placeCovered with snowBetween the university and the city centre A sunset in the outskirts of VaasaWhite White WhiteThe Replot BridgeIn Tekla IIThe white streetThe white Tekla IICool game 02Cool game 01DreamlikeFantasticA wooden modern libaryA video in the early morningTwo buildings of the universityA former factoryYou could walk over the seaA nice viewWonderful weatherAnd the student restaurant MathildaBuilt in 2001Unbelievable