I and Sabrina left Hennethal Friday night (29.08.03) and started our long journey to Finland, shortly after we had tried to put the whole luggage in my little Corsa with the help of our parents – unfortunately we had to leave behind some boxes and a CD-player. The car was totally overcrowded and the drive was not very comfortable because you couldn’t move anymore the seats and a part of the luggage was sliding to the front (but I later met a Finnish guy who had driven a long time with three people and luggage in a Fiat Panda through Germany – in this case we were still driving comfortably).
We drove to Gießen the B 49, then the A 5 to the Hattenbacher Dreieck and later the A 7 to Hamburg. Afterwards we followed the A 1 to Lübeck and then the A 20 to Rostock. From Rostock we followed the A 19 to the ferry harbour.
I and Sabrina were tired the whole night because we hadn’t slept so much the night before but we tried to stay awake through conversations and music. Sabrina’s candies also helped.
But when the sun was rising the tiredness was away and our mood became better, also because of the nice weather. At the beginning we thought very much about being far away from home in the next time but then came the anticipation on Finland.
We made a little break in the morning to orientate ourselves on the map and again in the afternoon to eat a little thing. Near Hamburg we were thinking about visiting the city and the harbour but finally we decided to continue to be in due in Rostock at the ferry harbour.
When we were driving from Hamburg to Rostock we had some problems because a part of the A 20 wasn’t completed. So we had to make a detour and to drive country roads but finally we arrived the A 20. We drove the A 20 to Rostock and then the A 19 to the ferry harbour.
At 1 p.m. we finally arrived there. At 3 p.m. was the check-in, so we still had some time. We used this opportunity to repair my broken rear light (my father noticed it when we left Hennethal). We asked at 3 stations until we finally found a Pit-Stop, where we arrived timely, because they just wanted to close. We also paid nothing for the repair – “service”.
Then we drove back to the ferry harbour. We still had one hour and used the time to eat something and called again home.
At 3 p.m. we drove to the check-in and came to the harbour area. We stood in the second row. In front of us was a Porsche Cayenne with 2 persons, probably from Eastern Europe. First we thought about how they could afford such a car. But later we realized that they only want to drive this car to Finland.
Later we received our travel documents and waited. Normally we should have left the harbour at 6 p.m. but there have been some problems (there was also a message concerning a problem in the Baltic Sea). Lately we finally entered the ferry and directly went to our sleeping seats. They were not very comfortable and my seat was also directly at the door shined through very much light. Normally someone should have directly welcomed us but we still had to wait some time until a a woman arrived.
Luggage could only be locked until the next day so the only possibility for us was to take our hand luggage to the sleeping room.
Then we went on deck and waited till the cast off.
Our parents called us again and we promised them to leave soon. Finally we left at 9 p.m. (3 hours later than planned), we were tired and it was also very cold on deck. We saw a man through a window in a whirlpool and became envious. Now we went to our sleeping room and noticed that the disco was directly near. Actually it was good but we wanted to sleep. Later we saw that the disco was not opened this evening – we were lucky.
We still went a little bit around and admired the facilities. There was also a little casino, a duty-free shop, a big bar with very much seats, a whirlpool and a sauna. We set again down and talked. Then we finally went sleeping. There was an odour in the room because many persons doffed off their shoes.
Time flow but we had slept a little bit. An orange juice was our breakfast and a sandwich our lunch. The weather was great on the high seas.
We bought German beer in the duty-free shop (a pallet Holsten Pilsener). It was a very good decision because in Finland the alcohol is generally expensive, especially German beer.
When we went to our car, we met two Austrians, which were going to study in Helsinki. They also had a car, but it was half as full as our car and contained a television.
We arrived in the evening in Hanko, later as thought (I think it was around 9 p.m.) and began to search a hotel.

Report 12:  Journey There to Finland Part 1 Journey There to Finland Part 1