The idea about a trip to Stockholm already aroused in Germany. The only open questions were the time and the persons who would take part. At the beginning of September we still hadn’t lectures at the university. So it was a good opportunity to visit Stockholm, also because other exchange student wanted to join us.
We had to plan very short-term, because we made the decision to go to Stockholm on Monday (08.09.03) and already wanted to go there at Thursday (11.09.03).
Our first idea was to fly with Ryanair, because they offered cheap flights from Tampere to Stockholm. In the internet the price for both flights was around 100€ with fees. But we didn’t flow with Ryanair by chance. During a computer course we met a Finn who told us that the airport is far away from the centre of Stockholm (45 minutes). So we would have spend extra money for the bus and that would have been in total too expensive. He gave us the advice to take the ferry because there would be a disco and very much party. So we searched information and chose the variant bus-ferry because a kombi-ticket and a discount for students were available.
On Wednesday (10.09.03) we got our train tickets at the station. But the travel agency, where we wanted to get the kombi-ticket, was already closed. So we had to wake up the next day at 9 a.m. to go to the travel agency. There we finally got a kombi-ticket for 100€. This included the bus tour and also the cabin on the ferry. This was actually cheap. It was impossible to find a hotel for a group of 9 persons in advance, so we wanted to find one in Stockholm.
On Thursday (11.09.2003) we met at 3 p.m. at the bus station in Vaasa. We were all in a good mood. The journey began and we drove till Turku to cross there with the ferry to Stockholm.
We arrived in Turku at 20.30 o'clock in the evening and the ferry left at 21 o'clock. We entered the ferry and went to our cabins, which were small but very good equipped with an own bath and toilette. The cabins were constructed for 4 persons. Later we went on deck and watched the cast off.
After that we walked through the ship and went to the Sports Pub to drink something. We could also wish us some music so we chose Metallica – it became a little bit embarrassing because in the bar were also older people.
Next we played a little bit with the gambling machines and went to the disco. It opened later so we walked again a little bit around. Many of us already wanted to sleep and went to their cabins.
I went with Sabine und Steffi to a dancing bar, where we saw young ladies contacted by old men – very funny. I only say: “crazy people – crazy music“.
In the morning we woke up, took a shower, went on deck and finally arrived in the harbour of Stockholm on Friday (12.09.03).

Report 9:  Journey There to Stockholm Journey There to Stockholm