When we arrived in the harbour of Stockholm we first took the bus to the centre.
Almost nobody of us changed Euros in Crowns so we were lucky that we had the choice to pay with Euros or Crowns. In the centre we first made a group photo – Welcome to Sweden!
At the station we searched left-luggage lockers to lock up our stuff. We finally found some of them and paid only one price for the whole day.
After we locked up our luggage we left the station. It was still early so we decided to go to McDonald’s to drink something. There weren’t many people on the street at this time (8 a.m.). The tourist information opened at 10 a.m. so we walked a little bit around. We passed the Ahlens City, a huge department store and walked along the Drottninggatan, the main shopping street in Stockholm. In front of the parliament was a bridge where we stayed a while and made some group photos. Altogether the weather and our mood were fantastic.
We passed the Reichstag where we saw flowers to commemorate the killed Anna Lindh. The parliament was situated on a little island, which was connected by bridges with the mainland. We came to the area Gamla Stan, where we went to the Castle and to the Royal Palace.
Many people were already assembled and obviously waiting for something. A few people gave us the advice that the “German warship” would arrive in a few minutes. So we waited and then he came: the German captain. It began a kind of parade and then the captain left with a few people into a building.
After that we looked more exactly to the area Gamla Stan. We saw the Obelisk, where we made a group photo. Then we saw the smallest statue of Stockholm. A man told us, that we could wish something if we put our hands on the statue. We walked around, looked at the different shops and went to the tourist information. We had good weather and made very much pictures of nice houses.
At the tourist information we were referred to a hotel agency and they also told us that there would be a basketball game in the evening and we were thinking about going there. At the hotel agency we got a room for three in the hotel Haga. The costs were around 40€ for the night with breakfast. After booking the rooms we left the agency and started to find our hotel, after we got our luggage from the station back. We supposed that the way to the hotel lasts only 15 minutes but that was wrong and we were walking longer than half an hour.
When we finally arrived at the Hotel Haga we went to our rooms, which were nice. We had television, a bath and a toilet. We managed the whole trip in the way that we would stay 2 days in Stockholm but only 1 night. So we saved money.
After our little stay in the hotel we left to find a restaurant or something similar. We found a pizzeria, where we got very big pizzas with salad for 8€, which was really ok. After the meal we went again to the city centre. We directly went to the mourning event of Anna Lindh. The whole day we had already seen flowers: at the Reichstag, the foreign ministry and the Sergels Torg, the place of the morning event.
Many people were assembled, also parliamentarians. We heard some speeches and songs in Swedish. The event lasts around half an hour. Afterwards we went again direction Reichstag and then to a café because it began to rain. We drank hot chocolate.
Later we went to the basketball game. It was just the European Championship in Stockholm. First we went again to a McDonald’s near the stadium, the Globen, which was situated in Globen City. Later we bought cards for 5€ and looked forward to the match. We went into the hall and searched our places. It was not very full but nevertheless the atmosphere was good.
Greece was playing against Israel. The game began and the first support began from the Israel supporters but Greece was definitely better and also won the game later on. After the game we went to the subway and thought about what we should do now but we were too tired and decided to go sleeping.
On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast. In the little room it was very comfortable and the breakfast was good. After that we left the hotel with our luggage. We locked it up again and divided us. I went with Roland, Andreas and Regina to the university. There we saw a Nature historical museum. We came to a part of the university which was a geological faculty. It was the open day and there was presented very much, for example a climbing wall. Many people were going around and told us that today would take place a folk run.
So we tried to find this run. We followed the people and arrived on a big square, where a big crowd of people were standing. There were at least 1000 people. Every age was present.
After the start we quickly left because we still wanted to sea the harbour. Sometimes we saw a few walkers again in the forest, which was very funny. On the way to the harbour we walked the wrong way. So we had to walk very long until we came again in familiar areas. But therefore we could also see another part of Stockholm.
At the harbour we made a break, sat down, and enjoyed the weather and the view. Later we went further and admired some ships, for example a German one named “Zuversicht”. On the island Skeppsholmen we saw an older ship whereon you could sleep – very impressive.
After that we went direction city centre and decided to eat something at Burger King. We divided us again later. Everyone bought some post cards and walked a little bit around. We met again at the left-luggage lockers, from where we left to the harbour. Partly you could understand the Swedish language, because it’s sometimes similar to the German language.
Altogether we had two very nice days in Stockholm. In my opinion is Stockholm one of the nicest cities in Europe and I have to come back their in the future.

Report 6:  Stockholm - the City Stockholm - the City