When we arrived in the harbour of Stockholm Sunday evening (12.09.03) we still had to wait half an hour. We were sitting in a harbour building and the room was getting fuller and fuller the sooner the departure came.
Suddenly the captain of the ferry arrived with two persons of the staff and hold a speech. He mentioned a party and then he danced with the other two persons – it was very funny and it seemed to become a long night.
Afterwards we finally entered the ferry and went to our cabins. The general plan also promised fun: “Have a nice trip”! But the joke was: we had the worthiest cabins for this night which were situated next to the machine room and under the car deck. There were no windows and only 4 uncomfortable beds in the room. The shower and the toilet were on the corridor and totally dirty. It was very clear where we would end when we went down in the ferry. After a while the carpet suddenly ended and the cabins were getting more and more worth. But anyhow we wanted to make party so we didn’t pay attention to our cabins. Next we went to the duty-free shop and totally bought 12 pallets of beer, wine and cigarettes. We paid 30€ for 48 cans of Lapin Kulta, what is cheap for Finnish conditions.
Then we went down to our cabins and began to drink. It seemed to become a funny evening. We also met some other people at our level. Three guys with a Fiat Panda who had crossed half Europe, but many of them didn't have a driver license and were totally drunk.
Later we went on deck to drink a few beers more. Around 22 o’clock we went to the dancing bar, where partly was good music. Everyone had his own fun.
At 23 o’clock we went to the real disco, which didn’t offer so much apart from Techno. And if you play songs from The Rasmus in a techno version it’s not funny anymore. Slowly everyone went to his bed.
I still walked a little bit around and got to know to two German girls, which have already been traveling through half Scandinavia. We talked almost 2 hours but then I finally decided to go to bed. Our room neighbors had left the door opened and I saw there a half-naked man and a few more people in one bed. I went to my cabin and slept.
Next morning I woke up, took a shower and went on deck. In Turku we had to wait for the bus. When we entered the bus all of us directly began to sleep again.
We arrived in Vaasa Sunday afternoon (13.09.2003). But we had one problem: the pallets of beer. So I went home, took my car and brought for the first time the whole beer to me.
Altogether it was nice trip to a nice city with so much cool people.

Report 7:  Return Journey from Stockholm Return Journey from Stockholm