Today I report about the trip to Tuuri at the Day of the German unity (03.10.2003). First I want to show you the official program of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network):

Do you want to experience the real Etelä-Pohjanmaa (South Ostrobothnia)?
Fancy meeting international students from other higher education
institutions in Vaasa?

If so, then join our trip to Tuuri! The Vaasa United (the higher education institutions in Vaasa) organises a trip to Tuuri on Friday 3 October. We will visit Finland's biggest village shop, Veljekset Keskinen (Brothers Keskinen) as well as have a short trek in the forest. In the forest everyone can prepare themselves a traditional Finnish snack "makkara" (sausage)by the camp fire. After this trip you'll be sure to know what South Ostrobothnia looks and feels like!
We'll leave from the University at 9 a.m. and come back in the evening around 8 p.m. The trip is FREE of charge but you will have to buy your own meals if you want to eat at the Brother's Keskinen I would just like to remind you that we are leaving to Tuuri tommorow,
Friday 3 October, at 9.00 from the parking lot outside Tervahovi (main building). Please be in time so that we can leave at 9.00 sharp. In case it's looking a bit cloudy, take you raincoat/umbrella with you because we will be outside for a few hours.

Here is the programme for the day once more:

09.00 Departure to Tuuri from the University of Vaasa (parking lot, in front of the main building Tervahovi)
11.00 Arrival to the trekking path (grilling of sausages around 12.00)
13.30 Departure from the trekking path to Brother's Keskinen
13.45 Arrival at Brother's Keskinen
18.00 Departure from Brother's Keskinen back to Vaasa
20.00 Arrival in Vaasa at the University of Vaasa

On Friday morning we met at 9 o’clock in the morning. Normally we should have left punctually but you always have in such a big group people who are coming too late and so we left at first at 9.15 o’clock. The bus was full and additionally Marko, who was beside Anne responsible for the exchange students, had to drive a little bus. Furthermore a few Finnish tutors joined us.
At 11 o’clock we were near Tuuri. Our bus driver had some orientation problems and so we involuntary saw a gas station and a nice sea (jump one, jump two). At the back of the bus we made some nasty remarks about the bus driver and took a vote on the next driver of the bus. Finally we arrived, not at the shopping centre but at a building next to a playing field and a forest. There everyone of us became a map of the area, which was 99% useless!
Then the walk began. We walked 30-45 minutes through the forest. First we followed a fastened way, later only a little path. Then we arrived at a little hut around 12 o’clock in the afternoon.
Two older people waited there, who had already made a fire in a barrel. There was a grid above this barrel where we could make sausages. The alternative was to prong the sausages with a stick and individually grill them. It was very funny. Some sausages looked like a piece of coal. We took a seat around the hut and ate.
The older man also made out of a tree trunk some seat possibilities more while the Finnish tutors were searching berries in the forest.
We still made some funny photos and walked a little bit around.
Beside the sausages we also had sweet bread and for the Vegetarian special bread and cheese. The drink was a kind of juice-water mix without gas.
Later it was also possible to sign into a guestbook, which you find in almost all Finnish huts. After we had eaten we went back around 12.45 o'clock.
The bus already waited near the hut, which saved time. Now we directly drove to the shopping centre “Brother's Keskinen“, where we arrived around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We got out of the bus and arranged our next meeting at 18 o'clock. But we should search the bus, because it would wait at another place.
In front of the shopping centre was a yellow Lamborghini. All of us wanted to make a picture with the car and everyone was amazed. After 15 minutes we entered the shopping centre with the intention to spend our money. The whole area was very big and we saw many shops. First we found many posters, but I didn’t buy one because there was no one of my favorite band Linkin Park. We went to the clothes and I saw that it was already possible to buy a jacket for the price of 20€ - we decided to look there again later on. Then we passed the military stuff, where we made a group photo and had very much fun.
Our trolley was very full so we paid our stuff. I decided to go further with Orthe and Wendy, because the Spanish always needed so much time and I urgently needed a cap. So we went through the other shops, but came quickly back to the first one. There I found a cap, a nice warm cardigan and still a big muesli box. also liked a jacket very much but the price was too high. Then we went out again.
We still had a little bit time and so we walked around and made some photos. In the middle of the area was a huge horseshoe. Even today I don’t know the meaning. At the end we went again to the cafeteria, where we cashed in our coupon for a coffee and a piece of cake.
Then Marko told us that we should go to the bus soon. At the bus we put all our stuff in the “stomach”.
Afterwards we left Tuuri and drove to Vaasa. Many people were sleeping because it was getting dark. We arrived punctually at 8 p.m. in Vaasa. We stopped one time in the centre and once again at the university.
Altogether it was a nice day, which tempted to spend money. I was glad that I finally had a cap and I prepared my presentation for Monday named “The SWATCH Project”.

Report 6:  Trip to Tuuri Trip to Tuuri