Saara was a Finnish student who I already got to know in Mainz. She was an exchange student there.
When we came to Finland she invited us to her home town Kajaani. So we planned to go to their Saturday morning (20.03.). First we planned to go there with me, Andrea and Sabrina, but Sabrina was ill so she had to stay at home – what a pity.
On Saturday morning I met with Andrea at 9.30 a.m. at my place to begin the long journey. After we filled up and got money we drove direction Kokkola, later direction Kajaani.
After 350 kilometers we finally arrived in Kajaani. We only had made one stop at a gas station to drink a coffee (Teboil).
The description of the way from Saara was perfect and we directly found her house. She already stood in the door and welcomed us. Her parents weren’t at home. Inside the house it was very nice – I liked very much the wooden fittings (especially in the kitchen) and the openness of the rooms, which means only a few doors and direct connections from the living room to the kitchen. We ate a little thing and made a walk to the city.
On the way to the city we walked around a big sea and Saara showed us many things: trees, an old people’s home, saunas with ice hole and finally the city.
During the walk we made some group photos, also with the statue of the establisher of Kajaani. Saara showed us the church and several shops. We entered a supermarket, bought some sweets and drank a coffee in a cafeteria. There I also checked my mails.
Later we still saw the university and the former school of Saara in Kajaani.
When we arrived at home we were totally exhausted and drank a tea. After that we went to the sauna and looked photos of Saara’s experiences in Greece. Actually we wanted to go away but we were all so tired that we went to bed at 0 o’clock.
On Sunday we woke up around 9 a.m. and had breakfast. Then we decided to drive to a ski centre, which was approximately 30 kilometers far away. I and Andrea hadn’t the right clothes, but Saara could help us. We also took some apples and hot chocolate with us.
At 1 p.m. we arrived at the ski centre, after we had filled up at a station and bought some sausages. Then we got skis for 3 hours and paid 36€. After that we went on the slope. Andrea had never been on skis before but therefore she was skiing very well. After half an hour on the baby slope I and Saara took the lift to the top and we were skiing down on a blue scope. I had so many problems and felt down in the snow a lot of times.
Then we went again to Andrea and took her also with the lift to the top of the slope. Andrea was a little bit anxious, because the slope was very steep but she mastered the obstacles very good and felt only a few times into the snow. Respect!
But later she didn’t want to ski again and decided to go the baby slope again and after that she wanted to wait in the cafeteria for us. I took the lift again with Saara and I noticed that I was getting self-assured during the next descents and it began to make fun. After you have the technique you don’t need so much power anymore.
At 4.30 p.m. we went very exhausted to Andrea in the café and decided to barbecue the sausages. Saara still bought a baguette.
After that we drove to the fire place, barbecued the sausages and drank hot chocolate.
Then we drove to a free-time centre, where it was possible to make different kinds of sport. Later we drove tiredly home. The parents of Saara were at home and welcomed us. We were sitting shortly together, talked and went afterwards to the sauna, after the father of Saara had to go to the airport.
Next we ate self-made pizza – delicious! Then we went to bed.
The next morning we had again breakfast and left soon to Vaasa. After we had driven 850 kilometers we arrived totally exhausted on Monday at 15.30 o'clock in the afternoon in Vaasa.
Thanks again to Saara and her parents for a fantastic weekend.

Report 4:  A Weekend in Kajaani
A Weekend in Kajaani