Category 2:  Parties and Meetings Birthday Party at Olivers Inn  (13.04.2004) PreValentinsParty  (13.02.2004) The Bet and PaNe  (07.02.2004) Gigglin Martin and Sitting Party  (04.02.2004) After-Christmas Party  (28.01.2004) 2€-Party at PaNe  (21.01.2004) Overall Party - The Second  (14.01.2004) The Final Party  (December 2003) The Spanish Party  (December 2003) Birthday Party of Roland  (27.10.2003) Overall Party  (22.10.2003) Abnormal The pleasure you can't measure A fair draw Revolution in Paradise The legendary opening of the party season The cheapest way to drink Insanity continues The final party of the students A kind of final party of the Spanish His first birthday with snow at the end of october First party with the new red overall Parties and Meetings